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Updating tudor home

"She worked with what we had, took out walls and ceilings, exposed the beams, and opened it up," says Frances.

Right now, there's no better choice than home improvements." Renovating proves particularly wise for Atlantans who want more living space but not a longer commute, Amy says.

"I had seen some of my friends' projects where the architect and the contractor sometimes pointed fingers at each other, saying, 'You designed it wrong,' and 'No, you just can't build what I designed,' " says Jaime.

"I thought, 'Well, these two are married, so they're going to have to work it out!

Even when the couple tears down much of an original house, they try to save some of the old and blend it with the new.

"Warren and I can find great shortcuts with our plans because we've worked together so much," says Amy.

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