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Tired of being single dating

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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Dating And Meet-up Zone / I'm Tired Of Being Single (3450 Views) Please Help!! / I Need A Sugar Mummy,i'm Tired Of Girlfriends / I'm Tired Of Being Single Plzzz!

(1) (2) (3) (4) Ive been single all my life yeah i talked to guys n stuff but im tired of being single fo real now that im 17 n my mom said it was okay yea it better be LOOL i need a guy in my life who feels the same wayjust go out with a guy that likes you.

Not necessarily because your boyfriend is a social butterfly, although he may well be, but because your boyfriend will have events like work parties and drinks with the boys and dinner with family and you know what?

The more serious you get with your boyfriend, the more of these events you need to attend.

But it's also true that relationships come with more than good sex and dining partners.

Tired of being single dating

Sometimes having a man in your life can be damn hard work.

Cos when you do, you r gonna find it real hard to deal when you heart breaks. When you go that way, you'll simply lose your mind when your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you.

We feel the need to hook-up especially when in high school. one of the rules to a relationship is: Don't put your whole hearth the relationship. I ain't saying she should get in relationship that she's sure will break. All i am saying is no matter the relationship she get in, she should'nt Like Submit all her heart and follow the "i will do anything for you because i love you lane". because that way, you'll have more views about what to and what not to do in relationships as you get not talkin bout a[b] serious[/b] relationship , just a dude to chill with thats all im sayin but i like the advice , a nigerian's point of view is soo diff. cuz an american makes u look like crap when u say u nvr had a b/f not like i care but just sayin LOOLLLit really doesn't matter because one of my friends is 17 (she stayed back a grade) too like you. her case is exactly like yours except she's spanish. i think you find someone when you're not looking i guess.

In fact, for every good thing about having a boyfriend, there's something that makes it negative as heck.

So you do you, and if a man worthy of you should happen to come along, the chips will fall as they should.

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