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In the war of the Roman emperor Maxentius against Alexander, the Numidian usurper, the city was razed, and on its restoration in 313 , it was renamed for its patron, Constantine I the Great.

The plateau is 2,130 feet (650 metres) above sea level and from 500 to 1,000 feet (150 to 300 metres) above the riverbed in the gorge.

The cliffs of the gorge, at its narrowest, are 15 feet (4.5 metres) apart and at its greatest width are about 1,200 feet (365 metres) apart.

During the 12th century it stayed prosperous despite periodic looting, and its commerce was extensive enough to attract merchants from Pisa, Genoa, and Venice.

Although it was frequently taken and then lost by the Turks, it became the seat of a bey who was subordinate to the dey of Algiers.

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Salah Bey, who ruled Constantine from 1770 to 1792, greatly embellished the city and was responsible for the construction of most of its existing Muslim buildings.

Since his death in 1792, the women of the locality wear a black haik (a tentlike garment) in mourning, instead of the white haik regularly worn in the rest of Algeria.

In World War II, during the 1942–43 Allied campaign in North Africa, Constantine and the nearby city of Sétif were important command bases.

Constantine is walled, the existing walled medieval fortifications having been largely constructed of Roman masonry material.

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