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At our events, you receive your matches the next morning, many times within hours after the event.Some other companies also do a good job and send you the matches the next day.

Unfortunately all singles events are not the same and it really comes down to the organizer of the event.

Some have your best interest at heart, and others are just looking to make a quick dollar and do not put any time or effort into putting on a quality event.

Others require you to wait 48 hours or more because they force you to enter in your own matches and can not start sending results until giving people a chance to input selections.

Another company only provides the results to the men and not the women.

However at other events, you only get to meet some of the attendees, but are encouraged to meet the others during a break period or afterwards. Our philosophy is to have you meet more people (no more than 20) for less time (usually 5 minutes).

If you have an initial connection with someone, or are not sure after the 5 minutes, you can get to know the person afterwards or through email, but that important ice breaker has already taken place. Other groups have you meet 7 or 8 people for 7 or 8 minutes each, so you get a little more time with each person, but do not get to meet everyone.

They advertise two different age groups for the same night (e.g.

ages 41-51 and 52-62), so you are led to believe two different events are taking place.

Before making a reservation, find out how long you have to wait before getting your matches.

It can sometimes be overwhelming meeting a lot of people very fast, and you may change your mind.

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