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‘The mammoth was also hit in the left scapula at least three times.Two of these injuries were imparted by a weapon, which went downwards through the skin and muscles, moving from the top and side.

The people who had hoped to dine on the meat, likely ancestors of today’s Blackfoot, never retrieved it.

Sensing excavation of the pit would be a complicated affair, Dawe covered it up and vowed to return when he had the time to investigate it properly.

Even a light spear can penetrate quite deep and injure the vital organs.

‘The mobility of the animal is seriously limited, and then it is soon possible to finish it with a strait blow.

(Courtesy Bob Dawe, Royal Alberta Museum)Removal of plaster-covered roasting pit, Head-Smashed-In, Canada Source: A Removable Feast Royal Alberta Museum archaeologist Bob Dawe recently returned to the scene of an unusual discovery he made in 1990.

While excavating at Head-Smashed-In, a prehistoric buffalo jump in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, he uncovered an intact 1,600-year-old sandstone-lined roasting pit.

Dr Vladimir Pitulko, lead author of the study published in Science, told The Siberian Times: ‘Most likely the hunters threw relatively light spears.

It is a usual hunting tactic, in particular in elephant hunts, which is still practiced in Africa.

The bone was studied with X-ray computed tomography – a CT scan – by Dr Konstantin Kuper, from the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in Novosibirsk.

He also created a 3D model of the injury in the bone.

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