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Spam definitions not updating symantec

At the very least Norton should be warning us not to upgrade from outlook 2013 if they cannot support the 2016 version. I will add I find the Junk email filter embedded in Outlook 2016 is much more effective particularly when downloading from a Verizon email account.With Outlook 2013 and the Norton Antispam working I would get over 100 spam emails a day.

I have checked to make sure that the Norton Anti-Spam add-in is enabled in Outlook 2016, it is, but the ribbon does not display a Norton tab, and there is no option to add it.

Your product should be ready to go when a major revision of something like Office comes out.

Microsoft wasn't exactly secretive about this, and I'm certain they didn't withhold the early versions of the product from you.

I have contacted support and been told that Norton do not support outlook 2016 !!!!!

Given the number of people who use outlook how on earth can it not be supported by Norton ?

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