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Dating a federal prisoner

He even tried selecting friends for me by asking me to carpool with women who were coming to visit their men but it was not a carpool because they never had a vehicle to drive.

My happiness began to quickly fade away as I watched my friends with their boyfriends and became envious of their relationship.

I was not able to showcase my spouse at family events, school functions, or even take birthday and holiday vacations.

I had planned my bridal party and some of my groomsmen, leaving a few slots for whoever my spouse was to be to fill in with his family and friends.

I envisioned the decorations and had planned to walk down the aisle to my mother’s favorite song by Jesse Powell.

Many women fall victim to these men thinking they will be faithful.

Just because a man is not sleeping with another woman does not mean he is being faithful.In return I received a phone call multiple times a day, to the point they became overwhelming and very expensive.I received letters, and handmade cards on the regular, as well as an occasional green check to do whatever I wanted with, knowing next week I would need to replenish his inmate account.No parent dreams of giving permission to someone behind bars to spend happily ever after with their child.As a young girl myself I fantasized of my dream weeding.By: Cassandra Edwards It may be a fantasy to some but for me it was a ten year reality.Loving an inmate is a task many can’t imagine for anyone outside their family or close friends, but to be in love with and also marry an inmate is a task within itself.When I planned to prepare lavish meals for my husband as he returned from work I did not think of traveling to an overpriced vending machine, selecting his favorite sandwich, and warming it in the microwave to the appropriate temperature.When I thought of taking family pictures every year I did not imagine they would be prison polaroids captured in three seconds with my husband in the same bland outfit.Years later I found out it was not because he cared about me being on that highway late or leaving work early but because he has other females, he had previously dated who were visiting him as well.I did not discover this reality until he came home ten years later with a shoe box of photos that I happened to go through one day.

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