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In fact, betrayal and casual childish cruelty are strong themes in these stories, providing a needed cohesion to a collection otherwise overloaded with outlandish settings and plots.

Sometimes, it is judged perfectly, such as when a boy is forced by his mother to become friends with an orphaned mute. " chorus his sisters at him, and in that phrase alone you can taste their joy at their brother’s pain.

Sometimes she’ll smile vacantly in my direction, but she never gives me any trouble.

The other stories in the collection either didn't appeal to me or simply fell flat at the end. Some I did finish: The Seagull Army Descends on Strong Beach, 1979 in which a quiet high school student in the shadow of his dominant older brother decides to get the girl he wants even though his brother is dating her.

Her writing is superb and regardless of which you prefer, if you're in it for the pleasure of experiencing beautiful (or startling as the case may be) prose, you won't be disappointed. The Barn at the End of Our Term, in which former presidents are reincarnated as horses.

Fila makes the lemonade and monitors the hot dog machine, watching the meat rotate on wire spigots. The Italian name for it translates as “carousel of beef.” Who would have guessed at such a device two hundred years ago?

Back then we were all preoccupied with visions of apocalypse; Santa Francesca, the foundress of this very grove, gouged out her eyes while dictating premonitions of fire.

I love magical realism but for some reason couldn’t finish most of these stories. ..more persuasive stories in this book feature genuine outsiders who consider themselves monsters — because they are ugly or different, set apart from others by their looks or experience or self-conscious self-loathing. Russell portrays with such sympathy and inventiveness, and it is her ability to immerse us in their daily experiences and the exotic or not-so-exotic worlds they inhabit that underscore her fecund and constantly surprising storytelling gifts.

Since retiring, my father has gotten to be on the largish side for a Minotaur, not fat so much as robust, and now he gathered his bulk to an impressive eighteen hands high. (Ma liked to complain about this, Dad’s cloven trenches in our kitchen.In other stories, a Minotaur takes his family on a pioneering journey, a child at a sleep camp for "disordered dreamers" tries not to dream of future tragedies, and a child gets stuck in a Giant Conch at the City of Shells amusement park.Sarah Salway is the author of two novels, Something Beginning With and Tell Me Everything, and two collections of short stories, Leading the Dance and Messages (co-authored with Lynne Rees). Karen Russell has been featured in both The New Yorker’s debut fiction issue and New York magazine’s 25 people to watch under the age of 25.In places, however, I found the cruelty too much for the balance of the story, such as Raffy and Marta’s exploitation of the albino, Petey, in was possibly my favourite story.It is full of the same acute observations that force me to watch The Office from behind my sofa.A professor recommended this author's work to me and, for the most part, it lived up to my expectations."Reeling" is pure genius, "The Vampire in the Lemon Grove" was quite good, but "The New Veterans" was probably her crowning achievement.Today it’s privately owned by the Alberti family, the prices are excessive, and the locals know to buy their lemons elsewhere.In summers a teenage girl named Fila mans a wooden stall at the back of the grove. I can tell by the careful way she saves the best lemons for me, slyly kicking them under my bench, that she knows I am a monster.Her fiction has recently appeared in Conjunctions, Granta, Zoetrope and The New Yorker. Named a Best Book of the Year by: The Boston Globe O, The Oprah Magazine Huffington Post The A. Club A Washington Post Notable Book An NPR Great Read of 2013From the author of the novel Swamplandia!

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