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Error updating the account password for process identity

You may have to change your service account passwords for reasons such as: Password expiration, Security best practice, Your Share Point guy left your company, etc. You got to run stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials and update application pool accounts on every server in the farm?

Luckily, we got managed accounts feature starting from Share Point 2010 onwards.

After you have updated the account password, make sure the Timer Service is started and the Administrator Service is enabled on all servers in the farm.

Then, the password change can be propagated to all of the servers in the farm.

Change Share Point 2010 Service Account Passwords Often you may find you need to change a password for a service account used by one of the Share Point services. Provision Local Shared Service Instances(Boolean is Administration Service Job) Resolution: The file system cache on all FE’s (in my case, this was just one server) on which the timer service is running needs to be cleared.

There are two options for changing a Share Point 2010 service account password: Share Point will now change the password in Active Directory as well as on the Windows/Share Point services where required. Below is the step by step provided by Microsoft in this KB Article for doing this: Something that was possible in Share Point Server 2007 has become tricky in Share Point Server 2010.

The primary advantage of the managed accounts idea is: To centrally manage service accounts of Share Point in one place, by registering and mapping them with Share Point Services such as: Farm, Service Applications, Application Pools, etc.

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Possible Error 1 – Access Denied: You might receive an Access Denied error message when attempting to change a password: If you do receive this error, check that the service accounts doesn’t have the option “User cannot change password” checked: Untick the user cannot change password and retry updating the password in Share Point. The complete installation on a single server using non-domain accounts.

When standard service accounts are normally created they are usually specified with both The first option is normally set to ensure that the password cannot be maliciously changed by a user. Something most developers, demonstrators and testers do a lot of suddenly requires the use of domain accounts instead of local machine accounts. The recommendation for a single server build of Share Point 2010 is to use the Stand Alone installation giving you SQL express and a default configuration.

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