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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 1346-11351 Garner C, Best S, Menzel S, Rooks H, Spector TD and SL Thein (2006) Two candidate genes for low platelet count identified by genome-wide linkage analysis in an Asian-Indian kindred: glycoprotein IX and thrombopoietin.

European Journal of Human Genetics 1-108 Lai MI, Jiang J, Silver N, Best S, Menzel S, Mijovic A, Garner C, Weiss MJ and SL Thein (2006) ASHP is a quantitative trait gene that modifies the phenotype of ?

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We will continue to strive to improve as well grow, and hope that you found a home in a great company. Overall the company really cares about its employees and really creates a community for them to become not only friends, but family.

There is lots of encouragement from the top as well as room for advancement.

if you're planning on moving up, you will find the support system that will make sure you reach your career goals As an AML Analyst a typical day would be reviewing Investigators cases to ensure all required investigation aspects have been met.

An Analyst is also required to create and maintain Job Aids per line of business.

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