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Prior to the explosion last Saturday, US intelligence agencies also intercepted a message from the terrorists in Sinai that warned of “something big in the area”.

It is understood that details about how the plane was brought down were also intercepted, but the officials have thus far refused to go into detail.

The evacuation of British holiday makers from Sharm el-Shiekh is now expected to take ten days, far longer than originally promised, and could be delayed further if Russia surges aircraft to bring home its own citizens.

Current estimates are that it will take ten days to return the some 18,000 British tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh to the UK.

But the government is already discussing "permanent measures" which would make it easier for Brits to travel there in future.

The unconfirmed reports of the possible involvement of British Jihadists in the attack comes after British intelligence was out in front of the rest of the world in concluding that a bomb most likely took down the plane.

The “chatter” picked up by intelligence agencies appears to include a series of communications between the Sinai terrorist group, affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and its leadership based in Syria.

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