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Updating xml jsp html form

He has two books out on web-facing Java technologies, My SQL and JSP Web Applications, and Struts Kick Start.His third book, Java Server Faces Kick Start, will be published by Sams in the 4th quarter of 2003.This is an advanced programming option that requires the use of custom code and, as a result, is not covered here.

A Share Point data connection library is a library that can contain data connection files that store the settings used to connect to external sources of data.

The data connection files that are contained in a Share Point connection library can describe either a Web service connection or a Share Point library connection, and can be used in both Filler and browser-compatible form templates.

For example, you can configure your form to allow your users to submit their completed forms to a Web service as well as through an e-mail message.

For an overview of data connections, see Data connections overview.

The only trick is that the form must be placed in session scope, because it needs to be available and of the right size to accept the submitted values.

In the next edition of Succeeding with Struts, we'll tie this all together by looking at how to use the Validator Framework to handle both simple and bean-based validation, and take a look at the new valid When validation which has just been added to Struts.

When you design a new form that is based on a Web service or Share Point list, that initial data connection becomes the default primary submit data connection for the form.

Info Path mirrors the structure the primary data connection’s data fields so that you can set the values that they contain when you submit the form.

When a user submits a form, that means that the user is done filling out the form.

At that time, the data is submitted through a submit data connection that saves the information in an external data source, such as a Share Point form library. For example, as the form designer, when you save a form, your progress developing the form is saved so that you can continue to work on it later, just like when saving a Word document.

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