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Aishwarya rai arjun rampal dating

This site is quite new so i'm updating profiles and reviews as i can.Check out the Excel God's Movie Reviews for random reviews on films from the 40s-now.

Jeetendra and Tusshar Kapoor in a suit and red shirt, respectively 7. Although the firefighter outfit all oiled up I found he more like an oiled up chicken then hotty.

Plus when i saw him dance in ‘Dard-E-Disco’ topless, i didn’t even care the lyrics were nonsensical and badly translated – ‘pain of disco’.

Whether thats to whistle at the screen, laugh out loud, get up and dance or cry your heart out.

It’s everything i personally love about Bollywood – multiple plot twists, emotional substance, great music, colour, scenes that make you totally involved in the film.

how can that happen’ or ‘I so don’t get how that even works’.

But if you can suspend your belief and brain for 2.5 hours and just accept that this is a very unrealistic movie than it won’t bother you so much i’m sure.

If your an outsider/newbie to Bollywood the thing to remember is they are making fun of Bollywood so when you see over the top acting and silly scenes just remember that its on purpose. You won’t get the joke on all levels but you can probably get the generally gyst.

If you do happen to pick up on what they mean with certain jokes and lines then you will be laughing your head off like I was in bits.

Saawariya is not generally a movie for the masses due to its slow pace, elite technicalities and due to the type of story it is.

Its not all wam, bam action and comedy – its more thinking then feeling from my own experience with both.

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