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10 secrets to dating

Never pass by your partner without lovingly touching them; you can touch their shoulder, their back or tenderly kiss them on the cheek, thus, giving your partner appreciation and expressing love.6) Learn to forgive and forget quickly.

Happy couples, definitely, learned to master this skill, they forgive and forget easily and quickly, because they value their relationship and know how much harm the poison of unforgiveness can cause.

Easiest and coolest things that can help you keep the sparkle alive in your relationship are date nights.

Friends usually support and encourage each other, how much more partners in a couple should be one another’s fortress and strength.

Happy couples believe in each other and give one another support.

We have hopes, dreams, and expectations of what it will look like. I think one of the first things singles think about when it comes to marriage is sex.

We watch movies, idolize TV shows, and even observe marriages in the world around us to try and get a glimpse of this thing we call holy matrimony. There are some things about marriage that I understood going into it, but there are so many things that I could have never imagined. In our society, sex is portrayed as the mark of intimacy within a relationship.

Within marriage, is the amazing opportunity to allow another person a look inside your life, your mind, your heart, and your very soul. I knew I had the ability to be selfish, but I didn’t know I actually was selfish, until I got oh…about 6 months into my marriage (probably more like 6 hours, but I’m being generous). There’s something really hard, but something really beautiful about that. My husband and I have loved each other deeply, but we’ve also hurt each other deeply.

From the silly moments of choosing where to eat and who get’s the remote, to the more significant things like apologizing and putting his needs before mine– you learn that true selflessness is something that has to be lived out. It’s a reminder that at the end of the day what’s mine is yours…but everything we have, is actually His. When you allow someone to bury their heart in yours, there’s no doubt that one day, you will feel an ache.If both partners do so, your relationship will blossom and be strong forever.By this, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t encourage improvement.Make sure you count blessings that your partner brought into your life, be appreciative and grateful.Treasure each other and let your partner know how happy his/her presence makes you every day! Partners in a happy couple touch each other very often throughout the day…It’s a hard lesson that has stretched my spiritual life more than anything else ever could- and through that, a beautiful reminder of a God who selflessly gave His all for me. We all think of the deep spiritual and physical benefits of oneness, but do we ever consider these things: One house. Whether In the form of an unkind word, a thoughtless action, or a selfish moment, marriage will hurt.I’m learning to be more like Him through this part of my marriage. But by God’s grace, each wound paves the way for grace, forgiveness, and restoration.And to this day, there is still so much that I’m learning. While there is so much value and closeness within the sexual relationship, a good marriage is what makes for good sex, not the other way around. In marriage, you relearn the preschool lesson of “sharing,” but you learn it in a very non-preschool kind of way.I write about this concept in my new book, specifically regarding the things marriage can’t do. Before marriage, I don’t think I grasped the real intimacy that comes with committing to this one person for the rest of my life. Marriage reveals selfishness, but can cultivate selflessness. You learn to let go of the mine and yours mentality, because in marriage, everything is truly ours. I’m not sure why I didn’t really believe it would happen. But for some reason this truth doesn’t really hit home- until it actually hits home.Therefore, partners in happy couples usually have some personal space or “me”time, where they can nourish their passions and grow as a person. If the person can ever change is when he decides to do so, but you can’t obtain positive results by forcing your partner into something.This will only enrich your relationship and help you both feel happier.8) Never try to change your partner. It was this exact person, your partner and, at the time, you’ve been fully and completely satisfied and in love, you didn’t want to change a thing about them. Instead, learn to bring out the best in them and look for ways you can make your partner happy.

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