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Note also that the names are not separated by spaces.

Other cultures, such as in Japan, Korea, and Hungary, also order names as family name followed by given name(s).

By definition, we are the world's largest designer and maker of carpet tile.

For us, Design is a mindset and sustainability is the journey of a lifetime.

It attempts to mostly sensitize you to some of the key issues by way of an introduction.

The examples and advice shown relate mostly to Web forms and databases.

Spanish-speaking people will commonly have two family names.

For example, María-Jose Carreño Quiñones may be the daughter of Antonio Carreño Rodríguez and María Quiñones Marqués.

Ended up graduating three colleges and 13 year later, heavily into student loan debt.''Was told in high school "pick a class you like",' wrote another. If you have kids, please spend some time helping them choose, because asking a high school student to pick what they want to do with their life with no guidance is a terrible idea.'One man shared a very candid post, writing: 'Spending five years helping my ex get over her abusive relationship with the guy she was with before me.

HTML content authors (using editors or scripting), script developers (PHP, JSP, etc.), schema developers (DTDs, XML Schema, Relax NG, etc.), Web project managers, and anyone who is involved in the design of forms, databases and ontologies that capture people's names.

Icelanders prefer to be called by their given name (Björk), or by their full name (Björk Guðmundsdóttir). Other cultures where a person has one given name followed by a patronymic include parts of Southern India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The middle character, Ze, is a generational name, and is common to all his siblings (such as his brothers and sister, 毛泽民 (Mao Ze Min), 毛泽覃 (Mao Ze Tan), and 毛泽紅 (Mao Ze Hong)).

In the Malay name Isa bin Osman the word 'bin' means 'son of' ('binti' is used for women). Isa, or if you know him personally, Encik Isa (Encik is a Malay word rather like Mr.). Among people who are not on familiar terms, Mao may be referred to as 毛泽东先生 (Mao Ze Dong xiān shēng) or 毛先生 (Mao xiān shēng) (xiān shēng being the equivalent of Mr.).

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