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Datingsites for people with genital herpes

This kind of sexually transmitted disease (STD) can cause two types of viruses: Oral, herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) Genital, herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) Many infected individuals have little to no symptoms or signs from either infection, HSV-1 or HSV-2.

Past statistics showed that 20% (50 million) infected people suffered from genital herpes alone and the vast majority of them may not be aware of it.

Studies also reveal that over 500,000 American people get infected annually, with most of them young teens.

Herpes Dating Sites - When a person goes through an initial outbreak of the herpes simplex virus they will also undergo a great shock.

But what's even more shocking is the 50%-80% of Americans suffering from some form of herpes.

Otherwise, admitting to someone that s/he has a sexually transmitted disease doesn't come as easy to some folks on STD dating sites.

Datingsites for people with genital herpes

Nevertheless, signing up at a date website and becoming a member to one or more of these herpes dating sites, as oppose to sites that caters to the general public, can be less embarrassing.But when the market started to saturate with many competing dating sites, new ones formed and took somewhat of a different approach.They targeted a much smaller niche or specific audience.The reason for this is probably related to more male-to-female sexual encounters than female-to-male encounters if you consider the violence involved.Trying to cope with genital herpes can be quite humiliating and often leads to great despair.One might feel more comfortable with this approach to dating.Dating websites that are designed specifically for individuals with genital warts or herpes are more understanding and focused on helping infected members more.There are some natural remedies out there if one is willing to seek alternatives than opt for man-made drugs like Acyclovir which comes with many side-effects.What scientist and physicians don't know doesn't mean the end of the world.When experiencing an outbreak, one can feel the symptoms beforehand and know what's coming next.The thought process is not to engage in a STD date site or sexual activities so that your partner doesn't get infected with genital herpes.

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