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Russell brand dating stylist

But as soon as she drops her guard, he’s on to the next one,” the source says.RELATED STORIES: Katy Perry On Her Divorce: ‘People Think We’re Perfect And We’re Not’Russell Brand On Katy Perry: ‘I Love Her As A Human Being …(Jordana also appeared in Fast & Furious.) PHOTOS: Russell Brand Moves Into Million Bachelor Pad, Take A Look Inside Speaking about Isabella on Howard Stern‘s radio show, Brand said: “Some things in the newspaper aren’t true …

“Maeve knew all about Russell’s reputation and all her friends were telling her to stay away.

She moved to Los Angeles recently from New York and she really wanted to focus on her career.” PHOTOS: Katy Perry Cuddles With Robert Ackroyd And so far she’s been very successful, counting Demi Lovato among her high profile clients.

The playboy actor has moved on from David Hasselhoff’s ex, singer/model Anouska de Georgiou, and taken up with 23-year-old fashion stylist Maeve Reilly, Radar is exclusively reporting.

PHOTOS: Russell Brand Dating Stylist Maeve Reilly Sources claim Russell has had eyes for the sandy haired stunner for months, but she was giving him the brush off until recently.

“They have a lot of mutual friends and travel in the same social scene. Maeve has mile long legs and she loves to show them off in 4 -inch stilettos.

Russell brand dating stylist

So Russell would bump into her a lot and really turn on the charm,” the source says. The first time Russell saw her, he went up to her and asked her how long it takes to shave her legs! It’s early days still though for Russell and Maeve as they have only been out on a few dates so far.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry’s Sassy Fashion Over The Years Brand also opened up to Stern about his ill-fated marriage to the Firework singer, which ended in divorce after only 18 months.

“[Before] we got married, I just thought, ‘I’ve got to marry her, I just love her so much.'” Brand told Stern. We did work it out, she’s happy, I’m happy,” he added.

“She has her guard up but she thinks he’s adorable and Russell says all the right things.

No matter how skeptical a girl is, he can have her thinking she’s the only one.

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