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I spent nine days in a psychiatric ward — what a nightmare.

They took away everything, including my stuffed dog, Cheetah, because he had a string around his neck. I testified before the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues on Capitol Hill.

Because of their sexual condition, many ladyboys are also said to be ready for sexual experiments that a “standard” Thai bar girl may dislike and object to, for example, anal play and other “less ordinary” sex practices.

One of the most important things I brought from home was a photograph of me and my mom. I took Depo so I wouldn't have my period; I just didn't want to deal with it overseas. I get money from the military for continuing my education, so I don't have to worry about finances the way a lot of my friends do. CAPTAIN JENNIFER ERRINGTON, 30 COLUMBIA, MD "'IT'S FINE,' YOU SAY, SO THAT NOTHING WORSE HAPPENS." I joined the army when I was in high school. I wanted to travel, and I liked the idea of not having to choose an outfit every day. There were lots of reminders that you weren't just a soldier — you were a female soldier.

I'm 1 or 2 years old in the picture, and I'm wearing overalls and a red shirt. Afterward, I saw my squad leader carrying Sergeant Phipps's duty cap in his hand. My hair started falling out from the stress — coming out in clumps when I'd wash it. I was never into getting prettied up and trying to impress the boys. When you were on a convoy, you couldn't say, "Please stop, I have to go to the bathroom." You just had to hold it.

I quit my part-time job at David's Bridal shop and boxed up the clothes in my dorm.

In February, I went to a base in Kuwait, where you had to wait in long lines no matter where you were: in the mess hall, bathroom, shower. At night, I put on headphones and played Norah Jones to block it all out. No way around it — female soldiers deal with issues men don't even think about. Shut up about your hair." But there were so many things I couldn't control in Iraq. Now I'm studying for exams and thinking about going to law school. You never experience that type of fear except during war, and it never leaves you.

The unit was 16 by 18 feet, divided into three small sections, each of which housed two soldiers. If someone were shooting at you, wouldn't you shoot back? I dumped out a medical bag and pressed on his stomach to stop the bleeding. I ordered them to lie on the ground and kept my 9-millimeter pointed at their heads. How do you go back to normal life after something like that? I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder last fall. I look at every day and how I'm going to get through it.

My roommate was female, although the trailer was coed. "A month later, I was in a convoy, patrolling an area called Salman Pak. There was complete chaos, but I kept both hands on the wheel and listened to the radio to get the details of the situation. Trying to calm him down, I told him to think about the green grass back home. One was wearing a Walt Disney T-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it. As with all sexual preferences, Pattaya ladyboys are surely not everyone’s “cup of tea”.While some guys swear they’ve had the hottest sex ever in Pattaya with a ladyboy, others might have been robbed by a gang of as the local she-males and transvestites are called in Thai) are a common feature of everyday life in Thailand.One couple got caught fooling around behind the Dumpster. " I was told that the guy who'd assaulted me had orders to stay away from me. Those experiences got me started drinking, smoking, and taking tons of meds. Eventually, I was diagnosed with severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.But during a break at an army base in Germany, I was going up a flight of stairs when I saw him. They brought me back to Walter Reed in Washington, DC.Thai ladyboys are famous for their sexy looks and their potential to offer you a sexual experience of a “different” and slightly sleazier kind.Born as true men, some say, know best how to satisfy a man, using and giving access to all orifices of the body.They were offering to pay for some of my college education.I wasn't concerned about the possibility of going to war; I just kept thinking, Two years later, I was a sophomore at the University of Illinois in Urbana, and I got a phone call from my platoon sergeant, who said, "Your unit has been put on alert." That evening, I went to see The Vagina Monologues at a local theater with friends from my dorm. On November 11, Veterans Day, I was told I was being deployed.I also had a bright-orange University of Illinois T-shirt that I slept in at night. I didn't wear any, but I always carried Chap Stick. She wrote, "There probably aren't many times you can feel like a girl. The next day, my friends and I were standing next to the laundry building at lunchtime. The shrapnel blows up and out, so you have to get down out of trajectory range. Shortly after I got to Kuwait, a master sergeant asked if I'd join him to pick up some civilians at the airport. Breakfast was mush-in-a-pot — the military claimed it was a mix of grits, hash browns, and eggs. The next day, my commander prepared papers for a Serious Incident Report. The Iraqis helped paint the buildings and bring life back to the zoo. I remember one security guard who was completely in love with me. When it was too hot and we'd take off our jackets and wear just our T-shirts, the sexual remarks were endless.As soon as I got to Kuwait, I regretted not packing my flatiron. Mainly, that means women are supposed to look like men. If you have some downtime, have a pedicure party." During off-hours, we watched TV. I met another soldier, Sergeant [Ivory L.] Phipps from Chicago. He was a well-respected man — married, with five daughters. Over dinner, the sergeant started telling me how he'd put my computer near his in the office so he could work closer to me. I spent hours talking with an investigator about what had happened. You'd hear, "Oh, my God, she's got boobs." I'd just go in my office and close the door.

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