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Religions predating

Draupadi, as understood by you to have prostituted to five husbands at once, is nothing but ignorance again.

Also, it's well established that the first humans evolved in Africa, and migrated over religions predating christianity to the rest of the world.

This is lengthy, but gives a totally different perspective on early religions.

All the epithets mentioned in Holy Vedas are ascribed to one who is Creator of the cosmos. Most people would argue that Sharia requires four male witnesses to prove rape or the rapist to admit his guilt. Animals and Spirits to the belief in many natural deities like water and sun gods to the beginning idea's of just one god I know this isn't the case in all modern religions but a fair few do This fascinates me and makes me even more keen to learn more about them. RE: How many religions predate Judaism and Christianity? When there was only one way of worshiping there were no religion, but religions predating christianity idea religion came when the people founded new ways of worshiping.

That's absurd - God is one.' [...] The Pagan sage Maximus of Tyre declared: 'The one doctrine upon which all the world is united is that one God is king of all and father.'Pythagorus, the famous mathematician and leader of a pagan religion, preached single-god pantheism as part of a mystery religion.

Belief that God has a special contract with a Hebrew tribe, involving many specific rules of behaviour About Judaism" href="judaism.html"Jewish monotheism was not present at the inception of Judaism" JQPU_Content="Organized Judaism emerged from Babylonian writings.

Why do some religions Islam and Christianity have prohibitions, because when religion is born or introduced at the time Hinduism is present.

Also, it's well established that the first humans evolved in Africa, and migrated over time to the rest of the world. Its liberating, fluid and poetic, even to a foreign ear.

I believe the human race is much older than we understand.

How could a snake have religions predating christianity as is claimed in the Bible.

In the History Channel video below, an Arab-Egyptian archaeologist inside the pyramid of King Teti (c.

If he’s a bad guy, [he’ll] have to get punished.” The host comments, “So the same idea of sin existed here in the Egyptian times as it does later in Christian and all the other – “ The archaeologist responds, “I believe that religion is just one tree, and we have many branches – Islam, Christianity, and Jews – so it is a main tree.

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