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In Hebron he reigned over Judah for seven years and six months, and in Jerusalem he reigned over all Israel and Judah for thirtythree years value for Saul’s reign length should be replaced with 2, 12, 22, 32, or 42 – in other words just the tens figure has been lost and the units figure is correct.

This combination seems improbable given the basic information listed above, as few of the implied connections fit vey well.

The age difference between David and Jonathan could be lessened by supposing that Saul and Jonathan were both older than the values shown – for example if Saul was about 10 years older and Jonathan in his late twenties at the time of his father’s accession.

Mephibosheth – five years old when Saul and Jonathan die – was born when Jonathan was only 15.

Ish-bosheth was at most 20 when he became king over Israel.

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Our speed dating in Norwich events are catered to every type of person, meaning there’s surely someone at one of our events that you will hit it off with.At the start of the following chapter, Samuel anoints David as a young man for future kingship. It is often thought that this recounts a rather earlier episode concerning Saul and David, than the account in chapter 16 of David entering military service.It is otherwise hard to account for several features, including Saul’s inability to recognise David on his arrival.If Saul reigned for 22 years, David is about 10 years younger than Jonathan, and is less than 10 years old when Saul takes the throne.Ish-bosheth could be nearly 40 when he took the throne (depending how long after Jonathan he was born), fitting with 2 Samuel 2.1 Samuel 28-31 – the death of Saul and Jonathan The Battle of Gilboa, at which Saul and his sons Jonathan, Abinadab (previously unmentioned in the books of Samuel) and Malki-Shua die.Saul’s body is publicly displayed at Beth-shan, but recovered by men of Jabesh Gilead for burial. item=11&variant=0 The purpose of this page is to consider the reign-length of Saul, as indicated by the various pieces of information in 1 and 2 Samuel.The difficulty arises because the passage in which Saul’s age at accession, and regnal length, has been damaged at an early stage of transmission of the text.With such a selection of single people living in and around the Norwich area, you’re sure to meet someone you have a spark with.If you don’t hit it off with anyone during the evening, we can guarantee you another event at no cost, to make sure that you meet that perfect someone!

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