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But in the last few years, writers, filmmakers, and other artists have seen fans seize control of their creations and re­imagine them as fan­fiction, or fic, as its aficionados like to call it.Proulx first got ficced when a whole new audience came to “Brokeback” after the Academy Award–winning film adaptation was released in 2005.

Once exiled to obscure corners of the internet, fanfiction — amateur fiction based on characters from preexisting works or real-life celebrities — has lately become a force driving popular culture. And they don’t want to wait for anyone else’s permission to do it.

As Proulx realized, fans these days aren’t satisfied to just sit back and consume. Millions of fanfiction stories have been uploaded onto vast online archives where other fans read, rate, and comment on them.

Last April, a military wife named Anna Todd signed a lucrative contract with a Simon & Schuster imprint to publish, in multiple volumes, an epic erotic romance about a demure college freshman’s relationship with a tattooed bad boy named Hardin Scott.

When Todd’s was first posted in installments on the online reading-and-writing community Wattpad in 2013, however, the hero’s name was Harry Styles.

It’s only a matter of time before a writer that the literary-fiction crowd acknowledges as one of its own emerges from such fertile ground. Hinton have dabbled in fanfiction.) Though fans’ efforts aren’t limited to the written word—You Tube is a trove of elaborate fanmade — it is written fic, as the Fifty Shades phenomenon proves, with its capacity to speak to the desires of a neglected female audience, that has the most potential to break out — and make some serious money.

In fact, given that most fic writers are pseudonymous, it’s quite possible that one already has and that the talent responsible for a first novel well reviewed by the New York Times is also tinkering with “shipping” — the creation of new romantic relationships between previously unlinked characters — on the side. Online fic communities don’t just assert the fans’ right to make up their own stories about other people’s characters; they offer writers an unprecedented degree of input from their audience, whose comments often lead to strategic rewrites.Should it be judged by the standards of “regular” fiction?There are obviously different skill levels with amateur fiction writers, but I don’t think that people should go, “Oh, that’s good for fanfiction.” At the same time, there’s a big difference between While fic labors under a (well-justified, it must be said) reputation for fostering an ocean of bad writing, it has also proved itself capable of producing accomplished and intelligent genre voices like Novik’s.Romances, often torrid, between ostensibly straight male characters like Harry Potter and his onetime nemesis Draco Malfoy are especially popular, and there’s an entire category of fanfiction, called , in which beloved male characters and celebrities (e.g., One Direction singer Harry Styles) are able, bizarrely, to get pregnant.Fandom’s untrammeled imagination is also colonizing the wider world. Abrams’s Star Trek and Star Wars reboots — which take the original source materials (called “canon” in fic circles) and shape them to new ends — if not examples of the fanfiction spirit when enabled by hundreds of millions of dollars?PHOTOGRAPHS: EVERETT COLLECTION (HARRY POTTER); WARNER BROS/EVERETT COLLECTION (SUPERNATURAL); WALT DISNEY/EVERETT COLLECTION (FROZEN); COURTESY OF LIONSGATE (DIVERGENT ); NEWSCOM (CLIFFORD, IRWIN, HEMMINGS, HORAN); EVERETT COLLECTION/REX USA (STYLES ); PATRICK MCMULLAN (REMAINING) Fanfiction (just one word, or you betray yourself as a noob) is the real Cinderella in this story, raised from the scullery by a fairy godmother named E L James.James’s erotica, originally titled “Master of the Universe,” reimagined Twilight’s Bella Swan and her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, as, respectively, a gawky ingénue and the handsome, bondage-loving billionaire who seduces her.For decades, fanfiction communities — soon to migrate en masse to the web — ­functioned as a subset of science-fiction and fantasy fandom, where they were treated, by the mostly male nerds who ran things, like a younger sister best banished to her room whenever company came by.The internet changed all that by ushering in the era of the networked fan, often a girl who sampled her first taste of fic in .Now, after some legally necessary character-name changes, the 25-year-old has a six-book deal with Gallery Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint, one worth a reported six figures, for her , I loved One Direction’s music. But there are bits and pieces of what I’ve done, like using social media, that people could take from. Respond to people if they post a picture of your work.My cousin had sent me a screenshot of One Direction, and the caption was a little story, and she didn’t even notice it, but I did. Is there anything you did that could serve as a model to other fanfiction writers? You don’t want to just be the lady who wrote a book someone likes.

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