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In this world, the Epics are super-powerful individuals who have extraordinary powers and no goodness. David’s father was killed by Chicago’s Epic, Steelheart so now David wants revenge.He joins the rebel group called the Reckoners in order to assassinate Steelheart and all Epics.This book is one of my top 10 books I’ve ever read.

BUT, I’m a HUGE fan of YA so I had to include good books for teens — and those of us who just love young adult books and aren’t teens. by Sherman Alexie Based on Alexie’s own childhood, this is a powerful, in-depth look at the life of Junior, a boy who wants a different life, who lives on the Spokane Indian Reservation but commutes to an all-white, no other native kids, high school.

And be aware that this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the hundreds of amazing YA books in the world. Highs and lows contrast his daily life — he’s bullied, his family struggles with alcoholism, he loves basketball, and he escapes by drawing cartoons.

Yael, our heroine, is a death-camp medical experiment escapee who can shape shift into other humans.

She braves a motorcycle race across half the world in order to first win and second get close enough to Hitler to kill him. This is a stunning, twist-you-heart-inside-out, beautiful coming-of-age story of three friends who are all outcasts in their small, narrow minded town.

It’s about learning to accept your past, present, and future, not letting your circumstances (including your parents) define you, and finding hope in the midst of difficulty.

I HIGHLY recommend you race to the bookstore or library and get this book — it’s a book that will linger with you.Steve Sheinkin is one of the best writers you’ll read.The way he put together this book, which facts and how he told the story, is masterful. by Laini Taylor FANTASY When I first looked at the description of this book, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read it – a book about the devil? I’m so glad I did, for many reasons – the writing, the concept, the plot, the characters totally blew my Brandon Sanderson FANTASY / SCI-FI Wow – you will love this series!!It’s typical of Sanderson’s amazing world building and offers tons of unforeseen plot twists and James Dashner SCIENCE FICTION I can’t believe it took me so long to read this YA book for it’s totally compelling and unique plot (with the craziest plot twist at the end! ou don’t really know the history of football until you’ve read the history of Carlisle Indian School and Jim Thorpe.Did you know that a whole team played on the field all at once?Memorable characters, a spell-binding plot, and page-turning action! The author’s gifted writing wraps around a compelling story that feels so real we can almost taste it.Starr’s life is sharply contrasted between her family’s urban neighborhood and her fancy suburban school.Darrow, a low-caste Red, infiltrates the ruling Gold caste’s special training school. His triumphant survival is nothing short of incredible.You’ll be amazed and inspired at his incredible true story.

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