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But my general opinion by spending a hell of a lot of time in the states taking in the American culture, dating, observing, analyzing, reading, discussing with Americans as well as Swedes, men as well as women, is that American men have a bigger weakness for cheating than Swedish ones do. But if a Swede cheats it is because there is something wrong in the relationship and he will eventually come clean due to his tormented conscience and the relationship will end. This idiotic complex has been so strong all over the world since the beginning of time, so to say it does not exist within Swedish men is of course to exaggerate. There is not a certain type of girl who is “girlfriend material” and one that is “just a hoe.” If a Swede cheats it is not because there are needs he cannot have fulfilled with his precious wife so he has to turn to a “hoe.”.

If a Swede just wants to have sex with you and not a relationship, it’s because he does not have lovey dovey feelings for you, not that you’re not good for anything more.

This is a delicate matter and I’m going to try to not step on any Swedish male’s toes here.

But of course my ladies want to know about the difference in the sack.

That right there is the Swedish idea of a first date.

So why doesn’t traditional dating take place with Swedish men?

But I very much get the feeling that being all theirs and not being with/talking to anyone else only applies to me, the woman, in this not yet relationship.

I can’t help but wonder if American men’s obsession with knowing if I am completely devoted to just them while dating has to do with how well they know themselves.

” Homophobia is so freaking last century and sexual openness is awesome.

But without getting into my personal preference s all too much I would say that also here a mix, something in between — an Ameriswede, if you will — would be preferred. Back in 2014, Taylor Swift was at the top of her game — so it makes sense that her alleged conspiracy to end Jessica Hart’s career as a Victoria’s Secret model didn’t get much attention.

But this week, Jess Hart decided to remind us all of their beef with a now-deleted series of Instagram posts.

Now being thirty, flirty, and thriving Bad Gal Ri Ri knows keeping your squad as close as family is essential. Rihanna’s girl gang can all be classified as the ultimate day-ones who are keeping our favorite queen always grounded.

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