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Other surprising stats are that 11 million dirty jokes have been told since the game came out, and 70 million players have confessed physical attraction to other Sims while playing the game.NEW YORK (CBSNew York) — Major power outages caused chaos on mass transit systems in both New York and San Francisco Friday, with parts of both cities’ systems still suffering ongoing outages or delays into the pre-weekend afternoon commute.

According to the document, which tracked every kiss, slap, flirt, and dance in the month of December, Sims "woohoo" 680,000 times a day, which is mighty impressive.

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One person sent me his email and I emailed him at [email protected]( if any of you want to send nasty emails to this scammer, feel free.) I was very suspicious when the profile of this so called guy named “Randy Hall” was suddenly removed from Yahoo.

I got an email back later that seemed a bit weird, especially when the guy did not talk about anything in his profile and was calling me “dear”.

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