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Updating a mainboard motherboard

We encourage you to review Intel’s Security Advisory for more information on the vulnerabilities, including identification and mitigation measures.The table below identifies affected ASUS motherboards and outlines our recommended update method.Laptop and notebook computers that were developed in the 1990s integrated the most common peripherals.

In the late 1980s, personal computer motherboards began to include single ICs (also called Super I/O chips) capable of supporting a set of low-speed peripherals: keyboard, mouse, floppy disk drive, serial ports, and parallel ports.

By the late 1990s, many personal computer motherboards included consumer grade embedded audio, video, storage, and networking functions without the need for any expansion cards at all; higher-end systems for 3D gaming and computer graphics typically retained only the graphics card as a separate component.

Business PCs, workstations, and servers were more likely to need expansion cards, either for more robust functions, or for higher speeds; those systems often had fewer embedded components.

The best way to update is with USB BIOS Flashback, which can be run with only a PSU and thumb drive connected to the motherboard, or with EZ Flash 3, which is capable of downloading and installing new firmware entirely within the UEFI.

You can also use our EZ Update utility to download and apply updates from within Windows. You can filter the contents using the search bar or sort the results by clicking the column title.

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