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Stream / Download: Mon Amour This EP is a selection from the music I've composed for a contemporary dance performance.

It's mostly sounds from my modular, put together in Ableton. It's a big step for me and my personal development I guess, I'm really proud of it.

The very long—approximately 14,000 years—Jōmon period is conventionally divided into a number of phases: Incipient (16,500-10,000 years ago), Initial (10,000-7,000), Early (7,000-5,450), Middle 5,450-4,420), Late (4,420-3,220) and Final (3,220-2,350), with the phases getting progressively shorter.

Speaking with Taste of Country, the 26-year-old musician revealed that he hopes “it would be at least as emotional as the debut record” and that he “can’t compare this record to anything else.” We’re intrigued… “I’ve never written anything like the stuff on this album and there’s topics that I’ve never covered before that I’ve been afraid to cover.

“Those moments are beautiful too — the hard times in life and the good times.

Really letting people in is always a better conversation.” “The fans taught me that lesson.

The pottery style characteristic of the first phases of Jōmon culture was decorated by impressing cords into the surface of wet clay and is generally accepted to be among the oldest in East Asia and the world.

It is often compared to pre-Columbian cultures of the North American Pacific Northwest and especially to the Valdivia culture in Ecuador because in these settings cultural complexity developed within a primarily hunting-gathering context with limited use of horticulture.

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