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Engaging the mechanical differential lock and turning traction control off will prevent the wheels from spinning and ensure steady forward progress in the slipperiest of conditions.For those customers opting for the six-speed manual transmission and TDI400 4WD cab-chassis configuration, there’s slightly more engine noise making its way into the cabin – but it’s marginal - and that was with a 200kg load in the tray of our test vehicle.

There’s a sequential manual mode available for particularly steep ascents or descents (there’s also a hill-descent control function), but we found automatic mode to be more than capable of handling most off-road situations and surprisingly proficient in moderately difficult off-road terrain.

The same goes for the soft muddy clay prevalent in these parts: leave the Amarok in auto and you won’t even need the rear diff-lock, provided you don’t mind the odd tail-happy slide.

All Volkswagen Amaroks fitted with the new automatic transmission are paired with the permanent 4Motion all-wheel drive with a torsion differential as opposed to the 4Motion system with selectable four-wheel drive.

It’s a more than capable system, as our dual-cab Highline auto model demonstrated in the Flinders sand dunes.

At times it was easy to forget we had a reasonably bulky load in the tray, such was the Amarok’s wonderfully balanced on-road behaviour.

Despite the absence of a space-cab body with the useful addition of a couple of Dickie seats in the rear cab, there’s actually quite a lot of luggage space behind the driver and front passenger seats of the single-cab version - enough for four overnight bags or plenty of tools and a set of golf clubs.Our average speed across the Flinders was just over 100km/h, which showed an engine speed of around 1750rpm in eighth gear.Maximum speed is achieved in seventh gear, however, while eighth is configured for overdrive with reduced engine speeds for fuel-efficient freeway cruising.Driving the new dual-cab Amarok is now nothing less than a car-like experience, at least across South Australia’s spectacular Flinders Ranges – the launch venue for these new Amarok versions.What we got from the Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 Trendline was un-paralleled refinement with imperceptible shifts and perfectly spaced ratios from the transmission after several hundred kilometres behind the wheel.“We don’t have plans for an Amarok space-cab, so I can pretty much rule that out for now," Clark said."But what we can promise are fresh products joining the Volkswagen Amarok range each year, at least for the next few years."By introducing the latest eight-speed automatic gearbox from respected German driveline experts ZF, the Volkswagen Amarok has not only leapfrogged the competition that makes do with four-, five- and six-speed automatic transmissions, but it has also set a new standard in the segment. If we thought the Amarok set the ‘Gold Standard’ in ride, handling and comfort in the ute segment when it was first launched in February 2011, the all-new automatic version elevates that to a whole new level.But that still leaves Amarok without a space-cab body – a popular choice for buyers requiring more passenger space, and one offered by most other manufacturers in the segment.Although Volkswagen Australia’s director of commercial vehicles, Philip Clark, has ruled out a space-cab version for now, he told Car Advice the Amarok range would continue to offer new products each year.With the standard mechanical rear differential lock engaged and the traction control turned off, the Amarok made it feel all too easy.First gear acts primarily as a low-range gear so there’s no problem moving the 2080kg Amarok from a standing start up a soft sand dune.

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