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She told me over and again how she thought I was winding her up.

MILF is an acronym for "Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck", or "Mom I'd like to fuck".

It was made famous by the movie "American Pie", though the origin of the term predates this (the term was already used for years on the Internet).

The term MILF is now in common usage, and denotes a sexually attractive older female, generally between 30 and 50 in age.

Along the same lines as the "hot older woman" story genre, our Milf Stories section also includes "Cougars", who may not necessarily be Moms at all.

And if it's a dependable American hunk with a short shift ratio... For some reason, I remember thinking that finally freeing myself from asshole ex-husband would feel like ridding myself of a burden.

Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Avg Score: 4.43 | Words: 9,979 | Tags: blowjob video crime teenager 16-year-old mom car | 2 Comments A Trip to Remember As I was unloading my SUV, a new electric car pulled into my driveway and June was driving it. Over time, we'd had numerous adventures, but now, she looked completely different. I thought it would feel like an immediate, brand new start for myself, where I could focus on my own happiness.We'd arranged another night for me to go round, but early in... Most of the time, my mind would be in the gutter thinking of ways to insert her into my fantasies. She’d be on her knees in nothing but a pair of black pumps waiting for me to get home from work. Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Words: 2,901 | Tags: best friend milf party blow job cow girl anal | 22 Comments My lunch break at work becomes a little less relaxing.Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Avg Score: 4.47 | Words: 644 | Tags: milf wife cheat car cum cock older | 6 Comments Gina Lawla was the hottest MILF on the planet. As I drove in to work for my shift as the bartender in one of the smaller pubs in town, I found my mind wandering towards my current dry spell.My wife Tina and I are a fit married couple in our thirties.Our sex life is good though I want a lot more sex than she does.So, she turns me away on a regular basis because she does not want it every day. I came home from school, it was Friday and I was excited to not have school for two whole days.I don't mind it that much because I love watching porn and love to masturbate. When I walked through the door, I saw my mother sitting at the kitchen table crying.June was dressed in a conservative ladies business outfit. It sounded good in theory, but it was far from the case.I started our by doing all the typical ‘new divorce’ stuff. Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Avg Score: 4.95 | Words: 5,909 | Tags: big cock cowgirl blowjob milf cum | 7 Comments This time she’s got the house to herself, we make the most of it.Following their round on the course, they lunched together at the club to catch-up and gossip. Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Avg Score: 4.78 | Words: 5,155 | Tags: group sex oral anal masturbation interracial public sex | 1 Comment I'm a kids party Santa,... Read On Added: | Category: MILF | Avg Score: 4.9 | Words: 2,900 | Tags: milf oral toys | 3 Comments The summer after college ended, I spent the summer with my mother.Dad had long refused to let me stay with him after one of his latest girlfriends had gotten the hots for me and embarrassed all of us, even though I had turned her down flat, and the ban remained in force two years later.

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