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Dating old photo postcards

A letter would denote the decade ("A" - 1930s, "B" - 1940s, "C" - 1950s, "D" - 1960s, "E" - 1970s) and the number before the letter would indicate the year within that decade.

Thus the next card printed after 2934-30 was 0A2935.

Realtors used them to sell new housing by writing descriptions and prices on the back.

In 1907, Kodak introduced a service called "real photo postcards," which enabled customers to make a postcard from any picture they took.

This technology allowed photographers to travel from town to town and document life in the places they visited.

It is believed that in some cases the same view was ordered by another company and the card was printed with "A" or "R" preceding the number.

A small number of cards also filed with this series begin with "BS," "DT," "RG," and "RT." After approximately 1924, the "A" or "R" may not appear on the card at all.

Available images suggest that the 1923 date may be more accurate.

K: Known dates, the year spread could be larger Dating photopostcards is an art, but is somewhat easier than dating studio portraits as the date of studio operatioins is often not known.

In 1931 another letter was added after the decade letter. An "H" was added if the card was printed using the "Art Colortone Method" (linen cards).

A "K" was used to indicate "Curteichcolor" which is a chrome postcard printing process.

The next card series began with either "A" or "R"* and were numbered from 1—124180.

From 1908 until 1913 production dates are not clear and were determined by copyright dates found on a few of the cards. After 1913, dates began to appear occasionally in the order books kept by the company and from 1922 on, production dates were well documented.

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