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These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, and the terror that it actually stood for.” A state law, the "Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act" (2015), prevents local governments from removing or relocating monuments without state permission.

A different event occurred in Durham, North Carolina, where several protesters toppled the Confederate Soldiers Monument outside the Old Durham County Courthouse on August 15, 2017.

Eight activists were arrested in connection with the action.

Mississippi (2004), North Carolina (2015), South Carolina (2000), Tennessee (2013, updated 2016), and Virginia (1902), state laws have been passed to impede or prohibit the removal or alteration of public Confederate monuments.

Attempts to repeal these laws have not yet (2017) been successful.

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The women were advised to “remember that they were buying art, not metal and stone;” The history the monuments celebrated told only one side of the story, however—one that was "openly pro-Confederate," Upton argues.

Furthermore, Confederate monuments were erected without the consent or even input of Southern African-Americans, who remembered the Civil War far differently, and who had no interest in honoring those who fought to keep them enslaved.

Alabama's law, the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, was passed in May 2017, North Carolina's law in 2015.

Tennessee passed its Tennessee Heritage Protection Act in 2016; it requires a ⅔ majority of the Tennessee Historical Commission to rename, remove, or relocate any public statue, monument, or memorial.

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