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The Stilettos group, for example, advertises that “everything comes off but the heels.” At “Uniforms of NJ,” you can find a hot body dressed like a cop, firefighter or mail carrier.

Most swingers tend to play in their own age neighborhoods, rarely straying more than a decade — although sometimes a 40-something couple in good shape can hook up with a pair in their 20s.

As he delivers the play-by-play, in a voice that’s half Marv Albert, half Lance Armstrong after climbing the Alps with a broken gear and Gov. ” The woman, Susan, a 43-year-old brunette, is oozing out of a clingy white V-neck sweater. The listing — one of dozens posted for New Jersey each month — announced to male members that the couple would be on the prowl tonight, looking for someone to satisfy her. We’re regular people.” He wants to drive home the point. Although our research found that many profiles are obviously bogus, and a lot of swingers (or posers) have more than one account, that’s still a lot of recreational sex. Try adultfriendfinders or (Swingers Date Club), or or or personal ads on Craigslist or one of the New Jersey swinging groups.

From time to time, the woman laughs and touches the man’s arm, and Alex, 46, is getting more worked up. Tonight, Alex and Susan are on a “hot date,” which is basically a casting call to see who will get to have sex with them — or more accurately, with her. A week ago, they posted a notice on a swinger’s website, (short for Swinging Lifestyle), which is how I found them. Talk to swingers, and it’s a wonder I haven’t tripped over four of them having sex in the local Stop & Shop — because apparently swingers are everywhere: “There are thousands and thousands of swinging couples in New Jersey,” one veteran swinger told me, “and it’s even bigger in New York and Pennsylvania.” One of the largest swingers’ websites,, says it has more than 30 million accounts.

If she wasn’t interested, she would be checking out the rest of the bar, looking for Plan B.” He glances at me.

” The profiles usually detail specific sexual appetites.

Oh, and he also had to be willing to pay for the hotel room. About a dozen men (all sizes, all races, all ages and physiques — from beer guts to washboard abs) respond to the post.

The couple then traded e-mails with three studly types, ultimately deciding the unmarried 33-year-old landscaper, now the skinny guy sitting at the bar, would be the best fit.

“Some are in it for the sexual gratification, some are in it to build relationships, some to spice up their marriages.

And singles certainly have different motives than couples.

He was chosen because Susan found him attractive and his profile included testimonials from previous SLS women. And just as importantly, judging by the photos, when this guy pulls down his boxers, he could make Secretariat blush.

Susan isn’t apologizing for believing size matters. “Anyone who says it isn’t either has a small (penis) or has never had sex with a big one,” she says.

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